The Best Time to Start was Yesterday; the Next Best Time is Now: Embarking on Your Fitness Odyssey

We’ve all had that one wish that could travel back in time, whether it’s to rectify mistakes, give our younger selves a piece of precious advice, or just relive a moment. And for many, it’s whispering in their past self’s ear, “Hey, maybe you should’ve started that fitness journey a tad earlier.” But since we haven’t quite cracked time travel yet, the next best thing is starting now. Why, you ask? Let’s don those jogging shoes, run through the reasons, and maybe (just maybe) have a chuckle or two along the way.

Addressing Procrastination in Fitness

Ever noticed how ‘tomorrow’ has a magical allure when it comes to tasks we’re dreading? That jigsaw puzzle on the dining table? I’ll finish it tomorrow. The laundry pile that’s starting to look like the Everest? Tomorrow. The fitness routine you promised yourself at the beginning of the year? Definitely tomorrow. But spoiler alert: Tomorrow is the sneakiest little day—it never actually arrives.

  • The Psychology Behind Procrastination: It’s not just you; it’s a bit of (bad) brain magic. Our brains are wired to prioritize immediate rewards over long-term benefits. So, while the idea of having a chiseled body or enviable stamina sounds fantastic, the immediate comfort of the couch and the mesmerizing allure of reality TV often win.
  • The Costs of Waiting: Every moment you push your fitness journey to the next day, you’re missing out on:
    • The unbeatable feeling of sweat-drenched accomplishment
    • The mysterious phenomenon where water tastes like the elixir of life after a workout
    • Potential health benefits that keep grim reapers (read: diseases) away
    • The chance to wear that gym outfit that’s been crying out from your wardrobe

The Rewards of Immediate Action

While “immediate action” sounds like something straight out of an action movie (imagine slow-motion running with a backdrop explosion), it’s actually a lot simpler. It’s the choice to rise above the procrastination beast and step onto the treadmill, or in my case, anywhere 10 feet away from the fridge.

  • The Immediate Euphoria: No, this isn’t about discovering a secret stash of chocolate (though that’s euphoric too). Exercising releases endorphins—the body’s own feel-good cocktail. The result? An enhanced mood that makes you feel like you’ve conquered Middle Earth and are ready to take on Mordor next.
  • The Snowball Effect: Consistency in fitness isn’t just about transforming your body; it’s about transforming your mindset. With each day you commit, you:
    • Become more resilient—both in facing burpees and life’s curveballs.
    • Gain a confidence that’s not just skin-deep—it seeps into every decision you make.

Tips to Kick Procrastination to the Curb

If your procrastination had a face, we’d all be lining up to give it a piece of our minds. But since it doesn’t, here are ways to effectively give it the boot:

  • Set Concrete Dates: Vague plans are procrastination’s partners in crime. Instead of saying, “I’ll start working out,” say, “I’ll start on Monday at 6 pm in my living room.” Make it as specific as a mission directive from a spy movie.
  • Accountability Buddy: Pair up with someone—be it a friend, family member, or that neighbor with the unbelievably energetic dog. Having someone to share the journey can turn exercise from a chore to a cherished daily ritual.

In Conclusion

Embarking on a fitness journey can feel a tad like standing on the edge of a diving board for the first time. It’s nerve-wracking, the water looks far, and you’re questioning the cosmos about your life choices. But once you dive in, it’s not just water you’re swimming in—it’s a sea of exhilaration.

In the grand tapestry of life, starting your fitness journey is not just a thread; it’s a vibrant color that makes the entire picture dazzle. So, the next time you think of starting “tomorrow”, just remember: Today is yesterday’s tomorrow. Let that simmer in your brain stew for a moment.

But if you’re still on the fence, why not get a leg-up? Click here to schedule a FREE consultation with a fitness coach who can guide, support, and perhaps share a laugh or two with you on your journey. Dive into the adventure of fitness, and let’s make “now” the prologue of your transformative tale.



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